Consider This Your Cable Tow

Lodge Tracker is a an independently run project created by one Master Mason for another. This service is intended for Masonic Lodges / organizations explicitly, and for no other purpose. While instantly activated, all new accounts are verified by the owner of this site and monitored on a random basis to ensure proper use. Having said that, there are a few things that you should be aware of:

  • 1. This service is intended for, and is only available to recognized Masonic Lodges and bodies.
  • 2. Hosted web sites and listings are run and operated by the account holder / authorized user(s).
  • 3. Lodge Tracker does not validate the information posted to any web sites or directory listings.
  • 4. All information, or misinformation, is the at the responsibility of the account holder.
  • 5. Lodge Tracker holds the rights to suspend or cancel accounts at any time they see fit.
  • 6. Lodge Tracker will never sell or release your account information at any time. We hate SPAM too!
  • 7. If you aren't a Mason there are plenty of other web services. If you are, please use this service responsibly.

Please note that Lodge Tracker is an independently run project and does not reflect the policy or views of any Grand Lodge or Masonic Body. Neither Lodge Tracker nor its owner are responsible for inaccurate information gathered from this site.