kevinleque's Tracked Lodges
Buffalo River Lodge

Buffalo River Lodge #252 Is in District 2 of Wisconsin's F. & A. M. Located In Mondovi. More information about the history of this lodge coming soon.

Conejo Valley Lodge

I didn't realize where this lodge was. I'll make sure to make it to a scheduled Meeting next time I'm in town. It's right down the street from my Brothers Business.

Santa Monica Palisades Lodge

I was hoping to visit This lodge while visiting the L.A. area, but it's the same night as the Huntington Beach Lodge meeting. So, Next time I'm in the L.A. area, I'll be sure to visit.

Burbank Lodge

On My next visit to L.A. I will make sure I get here to visit.

North Hollywood Lodge

I'll try to visit this on one of my future visits to the L.A. area. Unfortunately this time around I'll be in the area the last week of the month.

Commonwealth Lodge

kevinleque does not currently have any saved lodge notes for Commonwealth Lodge. Perhaps he was in a hurry when he added it to his tracking list and is planning on coming back later to leave a profound message. There is no doubt about it, however - something of great importance will be written here later.

Corinthian Lodge

I have Visited this Lodge, its wonderful inside, the Brothers are Awesome.

Forest Lodge

A wonderful facility, with a great Group of Brethren. I look forward to visiting again in the future. Current WM Joe Barlow. 2010