Lodge Tracker was originally created in 2008 to serve and a centralized and interactive listing of Masonic Lodges from around the country. Listings could be added and edited by anyone, and included all the basic criteria and contact information relevant for such a service. Half way through 2009, work began on a new version of the service, and is ultimately what you see here. Launching in a private beta on January 1, 2010, a new iteration of Lodge Tracker was released which was the culmination of hundreds of emails and feedback from users over the previous year. What started out as a "Wiki" type of service has now been transformed into a free personalized online Lodge Tracking and Masonic Networking tool.

Once an individual has created their free account, they can log into our easy to use, web based administration area where they can create a profile, complete with a photo of themselves, add and track lodges, leave personalized notes for each lodge, and even find other Masons both around the corner and across the county. There is absolutely no web programming experience needed!

Please note that Lodge Tracker is an independently run project and does not reflect the policy or views of any Grand Lodge or Masonic Body. Neither Lodge Tracker nor its owner are responsible for inaccurate information gathered from this site. By joining this site you agree to our terms & conditions.